Become a Pet Sitter in Omaha


jack russell dog waiting a the door at home with leather leash, ready to go for a walk with his owner


Do you have what it takes to become a professional pet sitter?

First of all, do you love animals?  Secondly, do you have experience handling and caring for a variety of animals?  Are you confident around all types of dogs and cats?  And finally, do you dream of being your own boss?  Then Woody’s Pet Watch needs you!

Being a pet sitter is the perfect opportunity for the self motivated to provide love, exercise and attention to the greatest four-legged clients in the world!  Also, pet sitting is ideal for retired individuals who love animals and want to stay active.  

Woody’s Pet Watch is premier pet sitting business in Omaha since 2006.  There are many reasons we’ve been around for so long!  And you could be one of those reasons if you become a pet sitter! We can help you get started today! 

To become a pet sitter you will need to:

Be experienced with handling and caring for a variety of animals, primarily dogs and cats.

Feel comfortable meeting, speaking to and following instructions from the clients.

Possess a strong work ethic and possess maturity and a high level of responsibility.

Have your own insured, reliable vehicle.

Carry a cell phone capable of receiving email and texts.

Know how to text messages and take and send photos on your cell phone.

Access your computer or smart phone numerous times throughout each day.

Have your own e-mail account. 

Conduct yourself as a mature, responsible ADULT.

Pay for a background check and have a clean criminal record. 

Purchase bonding and liability insurance. Information will be provided.

Sign an independent contractor agreement.

Responsibilities may include:

Feeding, medicating and walking the customer’s pets.

Bringing in the mail and newspapers.

Taking the garbage bins in and out on trash day.

Watering plants.

Securing the premises.

Cleaning up the pet’s poop, urine and vomit.

Pet sitter opportunities:

Mid day walks between 10 am – 2 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Vacation visits are provided in the morning, mid-day, early evening and later evening.  Weekends and holidays tend to be the busiest time.

Overnight visits are provided from 9 pm to 7 am at the clients home.

Because the amount of work depends on how often a client requests services, the income will vary. Obviously, the more you are available and willing to pet sit, the more clients you will service.   

The next step to become a pet sitter:


First, provide your general location and contact information.

Next, explain why pet sitting is perfect for you.

Then give details about your experience with animals.

Mention some insight about you and your own life experience and work history.  

And finally, provide your availability and preference based on the various shifts mentioned above.

Please no phone calls!