Pet Sitting Overnight Care


Pet sitting overnight

Pet sitting overnight is a must for me…I just hope my pet sitter can find room!

Pet sitting overnight helps keep a normal routine!

Some pets require a little more human presence than others.  By having a pet sitter stay overnight with your pet, the impact of your absence is reduced. If your pet is accustomed to sleeping with someone in the bed, we don’t mind that either!  We love to snuggle with your pets!

This service is great for crated pets, puppies, older pets, pets who have had recent surgeries or a continuing illness, pets with separation anxiety or any pet in need of some extra love and attention.

Check out our Pet Sitting Overnight Pricing.The sleepover begins by 9 p.m. (check-in) and continues with your pet’s morning care routine until at least 7 a.m. (check-out).  This includes the bedtime and morning potty breaks.  

You will need to add any additional visits that may be needed throughout the rest of the day.  For instance, add a mid-day and a dinner visit so the dogs are given a break every 4 to 5 hours.  If your dog lasts without a break all day when you’re at work…then just add a dinner visit.

Is pet sitting overnight care more expensive than boarding my pets in a facility?

It all depends.  But here are some things to consider when you compare:

  • Our playtime and walks are part of the package and are not considered “add-on” services.
  • Our price includes up to two pets and any additional pet is just $3 extra.
  • We can exercise your pet(s) during every visit in a safe, familiar environment.  That’s a lot of exercise!
  • Your pets will rest peacefully at night without all of the noises in a strange environment.
  • Your time is not wasted transporting the pet(s) to and from the boarding facility.

The availability of overnight sitters is limited so always schedule as early as possible.