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We provide non-emergency, door to door, pet taxi services for time-crunched individuals or those without transportation.  We understand you want to be with your pets for a vet or grooming appointment, but often your schedule just won’t allow it.  The next best thing is to have a professional pet sitter take your place!  You and your pet will get to meet the insured and bonded pet sitter before giving them keys.  

The pet sitter will get your pet to and from veterinarian and grooming appointments, doggie day care visits, a friend or relative’s house, airport or other local destinations.  Your pets will be safely transported in a temperature controlled vehicle.  


We can transport your pet around the Omaha area.  Distances within 5 miles are included in the price.  A gas surcharge will apply for any locations farther than 5 miles.  

We offer a one way transport from your home to the destination. This helps when you’re able to do part of the transport but your schedule won’t allow you to do the other half of the trip.

We also offer round trip transports.  We’ll pick up the pet at home, transport the pet to the destination and then return the pet home after the appointment.  

The round trip pet taxi includes a 30 minute wait time in the initial charge.  If we need to remain with your pet at the destination location longer than 30 minutes, additional charges will apply in 15 minute increments.

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